The Way America Inc. is the Non-Profit organization behind “The Way,” a 10,000 sq ft youth center. The goal of The Way is to attract youth with their interests: music, drama, art, video games and sports. The Way provides students a safe and positive place to hang out with their friends so they are less likely to get into trouble.  The key to the process is while youth are spending their time at The Way; they are mentored by screened, caring adults and are infused with positive Christian values. Relevant videos and motivational speakers help build positive, accountable friendships with their peers and improve their outlook on life.

The Way Youth Center, Wyoming County, WV

The Way works in unison with local churches, the community, charities and businesses. They help provide adult mentors/chaperones and financial resources needed to operate this youth center in Wyoming County, West Virginia.

We believe that this generation can be the greatest in history! We, the current generation of leadership, need to go above and beyond to build students’ foundations. This is precisely what the Way is designed to do!


Do you want to make a difference in the lives of students?